Epistle to the Romans

προς Ρωμαιους (to the Romans)




Chapter 1









Chapter 8



  • Christianity & Liberalism (J. Gresham Machen), “Doctrine” p44
    • “Without the eighth chapter of Romans, the mere story of the earthly life of Jesus would be remote and dead; for it is through the eighth chapter of Romans, or the message which that chapter contains, that Jesus becomes our Saviour to-day.”

Chapter 9



  • Christianity & Liberalism (J. Gresham Machen), “Christ” p100
    • “It is a matter of small consequence whether Paul ever applies to Jesus the Greek word which is translated “God” in the English Bible; certainly it is very difficult, in view of Rom. 9:5, to deny that he does. However that may be, the term “Lord,” which is Paul’s regular designation of Jesus, is really just as much a designation of deity as is the term “God.” It was a designation of deity even in the pagan religions with which Paul’s converts were familiar; and (what is far more important) in the Greek translation of the Old Testament which was current in Paul’s day and was used by the Apostle himself, the term was used to translate the “Jahwe” of the Hebrew text.”