Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians




Chapter 1









  • Christianity & Liberalism (J. Gresham Machen), “Doctrine” p22
    • “Certainly with regard to Paul himself there should be no debate; Paul certainly was not indifferent to doctrine; on the contrary, doctrine was the very basis of life. His devotion to doctrine did not, it is true, make him incapable of a magnificent tolerance. On notable example of such tolerance is to be found during his imprisonment at Rome…Apparently certain Christian teachers at Rome had been jealous of Paul’s greatness…They sought to raise up affliction for Paul in his bonds; they preached Christ even of envy and strife…But Paul was not disturbed…The way in which the preaching was being carried on was wrong, but the message itself was true; and Paul was far more interested in the content of the message than in the manner of its presentation. It is impossible to conceive a finer piece of broad-minded tolerance.”