Difficult Times & the Degeneration of Men, Part I

An Exposition of 2 Timothy 3:1-5

by Thomas Coutouzis



     Restraining grace is a grace from God that restrains the evil inside each man’s heart. Scripture tells us that man is totally depraved in their nature (Romans 3:10-12). This means that they are incapable of doing any good that pleases the Lord because their whole being is corrupt to its core, incapable of being holy. The restraining grace of God prevents man from carrying out fully the evil they are capable of. In essence, God restrains their evil. The Lord has different ways of doing this through regeneration, or government, or family, just to name a few. If God were to remove his restraint off the hearts of man, evil would run rampant and mankind would eradicate itself and carry out every bit of evil in its heart to their own destruction. The text we are going to look at today is 2 Timothy 3:1-5. In this text, you will see how in the last days (not the tribulation) men will become more wicked because God is removing his restraining grace. One only has to look at the riots of Antifa and Black Lives Matter that raged and are still raging, as well as the Capitol riots. God is removing His restraint off men and giving them over to the lusts of their heart. As a result, wickedness becomes rampant and as we will see in this passage the degeneration of men will increase at a warp speed in the last days before Christ’s return.


     I am going to warn you ahead of time that I am a dispensationalist. No, not like John Hagee. He knows absolutely nothing about dispensationalism as he is in fact a false teacher. That said, I am not going to point to my dispensationalist beliefs in light of this passage other than to say that the last days are the time just before the rapture of the church.


     With this in mind it helps to know the context. In chapter two of Second Timothy Paul is exhorting Timothy to press on faithfully despite the persecutions of the world against Christians. He has to press on like a good soldier of Christ who does not run from a fight but stands their ground even to the death. At 2 Timothy 2:14 Paul shifts gears to distinguishing between being faithful workmen within the church and false teachers. Paul then gives examples of people by name within the church who were not good workmen. They were not good workmen because they were apostates who had infiltrated the church. At the end of chapter 2 Paul is exhorting Timothy to stand firm in holiness. To “flee youthful lusts“, “refuse foolish and ignorant speculations“, “not be quarrelsome“, “able to teach“, “patient when wronged“. He finishes in verse 25 by saying, “with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition.” This is the interesting part: Paul tells Timothy in verse 25 to do this so that, “perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth“. In other words, Paul is saying to reprove the apostates in his church gently that they might be saved. This may even include actual believers deeply deceived by apostates in the church. It is not that they need salvation, but they need to repent of believing the lies taught by these false teachers so that they can once again embrace the truth. With all of this said, we go into 2 Timothy 3.

“But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.” —2 Tim. 3:1


     Technically speaking you could say when Christ arose we were in the last days. This however is not talking about a figure of speech that covers thousand of years. It is a more specific period towards the end of this dispensation. The reason I say this is because Paul covers a lot of sins that will get progressively worse as God removes His restraining grace. They will bring about greater hardships and calamity than the world has ever known at this point. The days will be so evil that it will be hard to walk in holiness, and if you do, you will be hated, thus persecution will ramp up. Let me show you why:

Paul uses the word, “realize” which in the Greek is γινώσκω​ (ginosko) which means “to know”. It is an experiential knowledge, meaning that it is knowledge gained from experience. Now why would Paul say that we have to realize that their will be difficult times in the last days? He means that we will experience “difficulty” ourselves and he wants us to not be surprised by it. We have to be ready!


     So, what are these difficulties? Paul uses the word χαλεπός​ (chalepos) as the adjective
“difficulty” used to modify “times”. The word means, “hard to bear” or “harsh/savage”. It impresses the point that something is fiercely hard to bear. It can be rendered, “grievous” or “perilous”. The implication here is one of severe pain. To give you the magnitude of this word, Christ uses it in Matthew 8:28 when he comes across two demon possessed men. One of these men was possessed by Legion. The text of Matthew 8:28 tells us that these men were so “violent” that no one could pass by that way. The Greek word that translates as “violent” is χαλεπός. If you read Mark chapter 5 which is a parallel passage witnessed by Mark, you will see the man infested by Legion was breaking out of chains. He could not be restrained and that lack of restraint allowed him to thrive in his violence.

Brothers and sisters, the last days will have so much peril that we will be tempted to become anxious constantly because evil will be rampant. It will be a constant piercing pressure on our backs as the world begins to lose its mind. 2020 was just the pre-game warm up for what we as Christians will face. These difficult times won’t just be persecution of Christians, but will be full of hardships for all mankind. Mankind will progress in evil so we can expect violence to be at unprecedented levels, political unrest will be constant, civil unrest will be a regular part of our lives, civility will be abolished and sexual perversion and immorality will be everywhere. Alcoholism and drug use will be rampant as people try to escape all the troubles going on in the world with mind altering drugs. Mankind will chase after every pleasure possible to drown out the noise of the constant calamity of these last days. The Christian will certainly be tempted to fall into this anxiety if we don’t stay grounded in God’s promises and remember James words, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials.” I want to impress upon you exactly what Paul impressed upon Timothy—be ready to expect pain.


     Before we take a look at verse 2 to see the list of things we can expect in these last days I want to reiterate that the days of Timothy had persecution and troubles, but nothing to this degree. As the gospel made its way to the nations people came to know the Lord and turned away from their evil. God was using regeneration to restrain evil and influence nations for positive change. Christians are a preservative in this world and their influence became so strong that the Roman Empire crumbled and the Byzantine Empire was founded. It was a government favorable to Christians and allowed Christianity to flourish and influence the nation and surrounding nations. Christians started hospitals and created orphanages to rescue those children left on their door step to die in Roman Empire. Christianity was having quite an impact on the world by suppressing and restraining evil. Paul had no idea how he and other Christians would impact the world in such a way that the old Roman Empire would collapse and the Byzantine Empire would emerge.

These are obviously not the last days that Paul means here. Paul is looking towards the future where Christianity will have much less of an impact on this world because God is beginning to deliver it over to judgement and will eventually put it under the rule of the Antichrist. This means God is removing His restraining grace, not increasing it as unbelievers will not be able to even enjoy the common graces that He bestows upon all of us. One thought that occurred to me is that this might mean that less people are regenerated, therefore, there are not as many people turning from their evil and living as a light of Christ. In fact, hearts seem to be so cold to Christianity today that it is most likely a judgment from on high. One only has to go to Romans 1 to confirm this. If people are being given over to a depraved mind by God as a judgment then verses 2-5 make all the sense in the world as to what we should expect. While these sins are committed in every age, they were not to the degree of “perilous”.

“For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy…” —2 Tim. 3:2


     When Paul says that men will be “lovers of self” he is stating this first for a reason. He is starting with the foundation of all sin. Every sin that follows is an act of self love, not love of God. All sin is contempt towards God and a love for self because our sin nature wants is in rebellion to the Lord. It does not want peace with God, it wants war. In Mark 12:31, Jesus tells us to “Love your neighbor as yourself“. The implication is that we already love ourselves, so a faithful servant that loves the Lord his God with all his heart, mind, and soul [greatest Commandment] must now love their neighbor as themselves [second greatest commandment]. If we don’t love God first then we won’t love our neighbor, which means that we will only love ourselves. Only with Christ as a our Lord and Savior is it possible to love someone else as much as ourselves. I would like to point out a misnomer. I hear, “love your neighbor” detached from loving God. You cannot do this. In order to know the love your neighbor needs you have to love God first so He can direct you as to what type of love they actually need. Many people make the second commandment proceed the first commandment. That would lead to legalism and a love of self as you prescribe what loving your neighbor looks like, not God.

“Love of self” in the Greek is φίλαυτος​ (philautos). It combines two words. “Philos” meaning “lover” and “autos” meaning “self”. The root “phil” denotes an experiential love, meaning that it is a love based on your experiences or interactions. In context, it is a love rooted in your experiences with yourself. Our sinful disposition makes us naturally a lover of self. When a person murders another person they did it out of their love for themselves, not their love for that person who is their neighbor. When a man or woman rapes someone they are doing it to please themselves. They are in fact hating their neighbor which points upward to their hatred of God who detests rape. When a person uses profanity it defiles the hearer. When a woman has an abortion she is showing contempt for the child who is her neighbor and contempt for God who is knitting the baby together in the mother’s womb. When a person slanders another person they are not loving their neighbor as themselves. Most importantly, they are not loving God with all their heart, mind, and soul, when they do these things that He detests and will judge one day. Love of self is the foundation for all sin in a person’s life. This is why Jesus says that if we wish to follow Him we must “deny ourselves” (Luke 9:23), that is, our sin nature which is in direct opposition to every single one of His precepts in Scripture. 


     The next term that Paul uses to describe people in the last days is φιλάργυρος​ (philarguros). It combines “philos” (lover) and “arguros” (silver). Properly, it is a “lover of silver” or better stated, “a lover of money”. I am reminded of Paul saying in his first letter to Timothy, “​For the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” (1 Timothy 6:10)​ . We must contemplate, why does man in his sin nature love money and raise it above God as an idol? Because of what it affords him. Money gives us access to many things like pleasure (nice homes, boats, cars, clothing, trips, etc.). Money can buy us every hedonistic luxury in an attempt to satisfy our insatiable desires. It never satisfies so we want more. Love of money will even drive true believers away from Christ and leave them in ruins.

In my Athanasia epic fantasy series I put this on display when the Pirate King Sprasian is meeting with his second in command, Bremus. Sprasian is conflicted and is starting to question his wicked ways:

Sprasian asked Bremus, “​Are you really satisfied by the lifestyle we lead?”

To which Bremus answered, “​I am never satisfied, that is why I must keep doing it.”

The point is that money never satisfies. These men spilled blood by killing men, women, and children to feed their lustful desires, but all it did was leave them in more want. What Paul is talking about regarding love for money is that it is actually a lust for money. Money has become preeminent over everything else. People will cherish money over even their closest relationships. If you try to deprive them of this lust for money they will treat you as an enemy. They will even go so as far as murder to get what they want. James even tells us in James 4:1-3 that the source of the quarrels amongst the members in the Jerusalem church were the pleasures that waged war in their bodies. They lust and do not have so they commit murder.

Love of money is not separated by class. Both rich and poor alike can make it their god and step on anyone that gets in their way. I have seen the greedy poor spend their money on lottery tickets rather than pay their utility bills or buy food. Why is that? It is a love of money. Is it any wonder why lotteries have almost billion dollar jackpots now? They are nothing more than a tax on the poor who covet the jackpot money.

I once worked for a wealthy man at his Miniature Golf course when I was a teenager. I did such a good job that I got promoted to a management position called Shift Supervisor. At the time minimum wage was $4.25 an hour which was what I was making. I was only given a raise of 10 cents for the increased responsibilities and contributions I made that boosted sales exponentially. This man was known for being very stingy because he loved money more than people, and most importantly God. In the last days, people will be such lovers of money that your life will be insignificant to them. They will step on you or take advantage of you to get what they want. I would have to believe that murder will be at epidemic proportions during this time as people will kill to attain the god that gives them their pleasures.


     Paul then says that the people during this time will be “boastful” and “arrogant“. These are two
words are very similar, but let’s point out the difference. “Boastful” in Greek is ἀλαζών (alazon) is a noun and denotes an “imposter” or “a wandering vagrant”. It implies a person who goes from place to place making great boasts because after he/she is found out they will be forced to leave and boast to others elsewhere who don’t know that they are a liar. They prey on the naive, and it makes you wonder if Paul said this intentionally right after “lovers of money” because these boastful people are empty talkers who will swindle you from your money and flee when they are found out. Again, I am not sure if that is Paul’s implication, but the two certainly go hand in hand. Boastful leads right into the next word “arrogant” because boasting is fulled by arrogance. It is a product of that sinful pride that resides in the heart.

The Greek word for “arrogant” is ὑπερήφανος is one of the Greek words that gives an amazing word picture. “Huper” is transliterated at “hyper” and means “beyond/over” as in “excessive”. The other half of the word is “phaino” and simply means, “to shine”. Properly, this is rendered as “to over-shine”. This word is translated as “proud” in James 4:6 where “God is opposed to the proud“. This word shows that these people have an overinflated view of themselves. They think more highly of themselves than they ought. Pride and selfishness go hand in hand as you can’t have one without the other.

I would go a step further and say that pride is selfishness. It was the first sin ever committed in creation by Satan who boasted, “I will raise my throne above the stars of God” in Isaiah 14:12-14. This is the preeminent example of what it means to over-shine. This person will make great boasts like Nebuchadnezzar made when he said, “​Is this not Babylon the great, which I myself have built as a royal residence by the might of my power and for the glory of my majesty?” Daniel 4:30.​ Notice the “I’s” and “Me’s” and “My’s”. The world revolves around these people, not God. They, like Satan, are a god in their own eyes. In the last days people will be serial narcissists.

Why is it that social media which I call vanity media is one of the biggest most profitable industries in the world? Because people are in love with themselves. In Greek mythology Narcissus was a handsome man who saw his reflection in the water and fell in love with himself. Narcissism comes naturally to fallen man within Christianity there are apostates that teach narcissism. They teach self help and prosperity theology like Steven Furtick, Joel Osteen, Paula White, Joyce Meyer, and even Beth Moore who associates with these people, just to name a few. They tie Jesus to you helping yourself. They will say, “Jesus gave you the ability in yourself to overcome trials,” or “Jesus only wants the best for you,” or “You are a little g-god who can speak anything they want into existence,” or “God has equipped you to overcome your Goliath’s,” or “You are having a Daniel in the lion’s den moment.” I could go on and on, but you get the picture. These aforementioned people teach you to read yourself into Scripture. This is what many call narcigesis (the reading of yourself into a text of Scripture which was not the author’s original intent). When you do that, Scripture is no longer about Christ’s glory, but your glory. You are now the hero of the text, not Christ. Christendom is full of Narcissists with “pastors” calling themselves “Life Coaches” rather than preaching a text and teaching people nothing about the God of the Bible. I am glad they call themselves Life Coaches because they are not pastors. Narcissism attracts apostates, so when you preach it, guess who will fill your seats…unbelievers who love themselves. They like your message because it tickles their ears and tells them what they want to hear, “I like this Jesus who revolves around me.” As these last days approach understand that the church has been infiltrated by those that “overshine”, not just the world. A world run by narcissists will only lead to disaster. A church influenced by the world’s narcissism is not Christian. It is a false gospel, one of which does not lead to repentance of sin. When you think too high of yourself you will never turn to Christ and repent of your sins against Him. 


     “Revilers” is the next sin Paul addresses that will be rampant in the last days. The Greek word he uses is βλάσφημος​ (blasphemos). It combines “Blapto” which means “to injure/harm” and “pheme” which means “fame/report”. Properly, it means, “an injurious report” or “abusive speech”. It also translates as “slander”. It denotes damaging someone’s character, thus this is where our English term “blasphemy” derives from. It is speech that is intended to harm another person. This same root word is used in Ephesians 4:31 when Paul is condemning all the anger sins. The word βλασφημία​ (blasphemia) is translated in that verse as “slander”. What is interesting to note is that slander is not an anger sin, rather it was a symptom of anger.

In the last days slanderous/injurious speech will be rampant revealing that sinful angers rooted in the hearts of men. The last days will be filled with rage, and I believe after this last election season that we are headed there full throttle. Isn’t this all we see on news channels. We have leaders/lawmakers and pundits calling each other names and making false accusations against one another. They are intentionally injuring others because they are their opponents that stand in the way of getting what they want and those that vote for them. If these people are our leaders whom we elected, then they in fact are a reflection of the people of this nation. No wonder we are so quick to revile each other. The people we elected are just like us. It is hard for me to be on social media without taking regular breaks because all I see from the world and most Christians is reviling of one another. Some discernment blogs are notorious for this and give discernment a bad name. They revile apostate and brethren alike.

Reviling has sadly become the native tongue of this world. Civility has been thrown out the window. We see it in the church currently with people calling their pastors and elders “Caesar worshipers” and refusing to obey the elders for the times they designate for the wearing of masks. We see others saying that “science” says that the elders are not “loving their neighbor” unless they obey every mandate of the government. Again, these are words solely intended for injury on both sides of the issue and all they cause is strife. On social media I am slandered about 85-90% of the time by professing Christians who seek to injure me, not unbelievers. I don’t care if you disagree with me on a subject as I am not your Holy Spirit. I take issue when brethren attack the person and not the argument. This should never be! These are all examples of slander and it is becoming more rampant as we rapidly approach these last days. Expect it and learn to obey Romans 12:19 by not seeking to avenge yourself by repaying evil with evil. Turn the revilers over to God for judgment, forgive them of their sin, and move on. Don’t allow the poison spat from the mouths of revilers to taint your heart with bitterness.


     “Disobedient to parents” in the Greek is ἀπειθής (apeithes). It combines “a” (alpha) which is a negative that means, “without/not” and “peitho” which means “to persuade”. Peitho is root where
we get the word “pistis” which translates as “faith”. Properly, this means “not persuaded/unpersuaded”. The implication is that the children don’t believe their parents. They don’t obey their parents who have been placed in authority by God over them. They are rebellious and causing strife in the family. The only way a child should disobey their parents is if they are commanding them to do something that violates God’s word. This isn’t the case here. These children in their pride think they know it all and will do whatever they want not knowing that the end it leads to is destruction. If you can’t obey your parents then there is no way that you will obey any authority, including Almighty God. It disobeys the fifth commandment which is to “honor your mother and father that your days may be prolonged” (Exodus 20:12).

Societal stability hinges on respect for parents and their authority. They are actually one of the restraining grace’s I mentioned earlier that God uses to repress sin. If a child will not obey their parents then society will begin to spur into anarchy. All the riots by Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and recently from the March on the Capitol all point to children who did not obey their parents because they have no respect for those in authority over them. This lack of respect for authority reveals that we are closing in on the last days. 


     “Ungrateful” as another prevalent sin during the last days is the Greek word ​ἀχάριστος
(acharistos). If you remember from earlier “a” (alpha) is a prefix that gives a word a negative meaning (without/not). When it is combined with “charis” which means “grace/thanks” it is translated as “ungrateful/thankless”. These are people who are entitled. They believe they are entitled to whatever they want. If you help them they will believe that you owed it to them and will have no gratitude for your altruism.

I know of people who didn’t have much money and were in need of help from the church benevolence fund. They had to fill out paperwork to prove that they were in need of help. This was a very large church so he was not a well known person. They had to show finances and expenses to show that they had need. This husband grumbled having to do this. When the church saw his needs they gave him exactly what they needed. When I praised God that his family had his bills met he said, “That’s what they are supposed to do.” That was one of the most thankless comments I had ever heard. This person thought that because they were a Christian they were entitled to benevolence.

Beloved, we don’t deserve anything from God. In fact, what we truly deserve is to face the wrath of God in Hell forever for our sin. We deserve eternal torment for offending a perfect all holy God because we cannot keep one of His precepts as Christians apart from His help. I see that we are headed in that direction quickly today as one only has to look at the civil unrest in our nation with the social justice movement. Those who have never been in bondage to slavery in their lives feel they are entitled to slave reparations for work they never did. There are women who believe they are entitled to murder children in the womb so that they can have a career, and there are many men that support them too. Many people are discontent with their wages, so instead of getting more education through college or a trade they appeal to government to raise the minimum wage. What we see stemming from this is Marxism beginning to rear its ugly head. People are beginning to hate the wealthy and believe they need to “share their wealth” and look at the government as a way to do this through coercion and compulsion. This is covetousness. If there is one thing that we are taught throughout Scripture is to be content in any and every circumstance, including financial hardship.

I am guilty of being ungrateful. Early on in my career when I was laid off from my job I refused to work at lesser job that paid minimum wage. I was going to work in my profession, which was Advertising and Marketing. I was blinded by my arrogance. That ended when my parents stopped giving me money to pay for my expenses because I was draining them. The only job I could find was at the NC State Student Bookstore making $7 an hour. It was not near enough to pay my expenses, but God had made me content working there. He knew my needs and I trusted him. One month later I found a job back in my field. God is good! God takes care of His children (those He has redeemed), but that promise isn’t for unbelievers. He will meet each and every need of a Christian, but most times it doesn’t happen the way we planned for it. With all of this said, in the last days people will be grace haters. I mean it in this vein, they will see grace as something they deserve. Grace is something we cannot earn or deserve. It cannot be merited, or it would cease to be grace.


     The last sin sign in verse 2 is “unholy“. The Greek word used is ​ἀνόσιος (anosios). It combines “a” (alpha) which is a negative that means, “without/not” and “hosios” which denotes “Being pure of defilement” thus it is translated as “holy”. It implies a respect for that which is sacred or hallowed. Properly, it means, “unholy/impious/wicked”. In the last days the people in the world will not be immoral, rather they will be amoral. They will have no ability to discern right from wrong. The best example of this in Scripture is in Judges, whose theme is ​”In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes“; Judges 19:25​ . Let me give you an example of what amoral looks like:


1.    Jephthah made a vow (Judges 11:29-40) before God that if God gives him victory over the Ammonites he will sacrifice the first thing to come out of his house to greet him as a burnt offering. Jephthah was victorious, so when he came to his home he was crushed to find out that it was his one and only daughter that was the first to come out and greet him. Instead of repenting of his foolish vow he sacrificed her as a burnt offering. This did not please God. This is amoral. The pagan nations had human sacrifices and this was forbidden. In fact, the only human sacrifice pleasing to God was Christ’s sacrifice for sin as Theanthropos (God-man).

2.    In Judges 17, there is a man named Micah who robbed his mother of 1,100 pieces of silver. His mother cursed the person who stole her silver. Micah admits to stealing the silver and gives it back to his mother. His mother praises the Lord and gives 200 hundred pieces of silver to a silversmith to make into a pagan idol as gratitude for what the Lord had done for her. This is amoral. She thanks God by doing evil in return for His good.

3.    The most disgusting and nihilistic part of Judges is Chapters 19-21. There is a Levite (priestly order) who is supposed to be a man of God who owned a concubine. A concubine was a female slave that owner would have sex with. This was forbidden by God. It was sexual immorality. His concubine ran away and he fetched her from her father’s home. On his travels back he stopped in Gibeah where he found an old man to put he and his concubine up for the night. That was when the men of the city came up and demanded that the Levite be sent out so that they could rape him. The old man offered his daughter and the Levite’s concubine. The Levite pulled the old man back inside the home and pushed his concubine out. The men raped the woman all night while they slept peacefully. She was left at the doorstep. When the Levite was ready to leave in the morning he saw her laying just outside the door and told her to get up. When she didn’t arise he put her on the back of his donkey and took her home. He then cut her into pieces and sent her throughout Israel to show what the Benjamites did to his concubine. Israel enraged by what happened sought out to destroy Benjamin in retribution. This is by far one the most unholy and amoral passages in Judges. That a man of God would own a concubine, throw her out to a bunch of animals to be ravaged, and then take her dead body and cut it into pieces to enrage Israel to repay the Benjamites for their evil is beyond wicked. It is beyond profane. It is beyond inglorious. It is beyond desecration. It is unholy. It is amoral. The Levite, old man, and Benjamites had no ability to know right from wrong. That is the essence of being accursed. They held nothing as sacred.

     In the last days, you can count on the people of the world to emulate the amorality of the Israelites in the book of Judges. Be ready for it. It is starting to happen around us. Georgia just voted in a U.S. Senator who abused his wife, and abused children that he was in charge of at a “Christian” camp. A famous Christian rapper even stumped for him at one of his rallies. One thing that I never thought I would see in the U.S. is rampant sex slavery. Children are being kidnapped and turned to a life of prostitution. They are being abducted from some of the safest cities in our country.

My daughter had a scare a couple of years ago when just she, my son, and wife got home from school. My wife and son went inside and my daughter went to get the mail. Suddenly, a white van parked down the street came speeding towards our house and hit the brakes right in front of our mail box while my daughter was getting the mail. A man jumped out of the van and hurried to my daughter. My daughter turned and ran into our garage while my wife opened the front door because she saw what was happening. The man ran back into his van and sped off. I thank God for His grace. Whatever this man’s intent, it surely wasn’t for good.

All this to say that we are living in dark times and they are getting darker. We as believers need to get busy with sharing the gospel, praying for our children who will inherit a degenerating nation and world, and pray that we will be light bearers of Christ, a symbol of hope for a dying world. While degeneration of our world is horrid as God removes His restraining grace, remember that this is not our home. These trials loosen our grip on this world and make us long for heaven. This is why we proclaim, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”


In part 2 I will exposit 2 Timothy 3-5. 






Thomas Coutouzis is the author of Agonizing for the Faith: A Biblical Exposition of Jude as well as an epic fantasy series that is partial allegory called Athanasia: The Great Insurrection (Book 1) and Athanasia: The Unknown Lands (Book 2). Thomas resides in Fuquay Varina, NC with his wife and two children and is an expositional bible teacher at Southside Church in Clayton, NC. He can be reached at thomascoutouzis@gmail.com.




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