“If you are Christ’s servant, take a sheet of paper, and write down, ‘Lord, I bring my loaves and fishes to Thee’; and if you are not Christ’s, confess the awful truth to yourself, and face it. I wish that you would make a record of it in black and white, putting down both name and date, ‘I am not Christ’s.’

Take a good look at it, try and grasp what it means to withhold yourself from Him who loves you, and waits to save; then ask yourself why you are not His.

I remember a woman not long ago, who said that at her work it came across her mind, ‘I am not saved.’ She was sweeping the room, and when she finished that, she said to herself, ‘I have to cook dinner, but I am not saved.’ She went into the kitchen, and had her fire all ready, and her food; but all the while she was putting things into the pot she kept saying to herself, ‘I am not saved’; and so it was when she was busy all afternoon; and when her husband came home, she could not help but blurting it out to him, ‘Oh, husband, I am not saved!’ But he was; and he pointed her to Christ; they knelt together, and oh, how he prayed with her! She found that such she had so earnestly sought, and it was not very many days before she could say, ‘Oh, husband, I am saved!’

May that be the case with you! The Lord bless every single one of you, wherever you may be! We shall all meet in the day of judgment. May you and I meet without fear there, to sing to the sovereign grace of God, which saved us from the wrath to come, and helped us while we were here to bring our little, and put it into Christ’s hands!”

Charles H. Spurgeon
August 9, 1891

For more see: https://www.spurgeon.org/resource-library/sermons/the-lads-loaves-in-the-lords-hands/#flipbook/


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